Do you want to adopt a small pet?

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters all make lovely pets and South Bucks RSPCA have many that are looking for loving homes. If you can provide a safe and happy home to any of our small pets, please ring Heather on 01494 863009 between 9am-5pm (emergencies only after 5pm)

Small Animals Looking For A Home



Fenton R74/13 – Fenton is a very special little chap who came into the branch with his Mum Daisy and five older brothers and sisters. He is now ready to start the hunt for a new home. Born September 2013.



Benson R10/14 – Benson is a handsome and friendly chap who was handed into the branch with his daughter Betsy. He is a stunning looking black rabbit, although the very tips of his ears are a little tatty from nibbles and bites. Born 2010/2011



Basil R88/13 was also found wandering and is quite possibly, the son of Beth. He is also an albino Rex and a real little character. Born mid 2013.

georgie and georgina

Georgie & Georgina Reserved

Georgie R49/13 & Georgina R48/13 are a bonded pair of male/female Netherland dwarf rabbits who are looking for a home together. Born 2013.

 rosie and joe

Rosie & Joe

Rosie R20/10 and Joe R30/09 are a bonded pair of female/male rabbits, looking for a nice new home together.

blue & bro

Blue & Bro (Bro Reserved)

Blue R53/12 and his brother Bro R57/12 are two of our long stay bunnies who are still waiting to find their forever homes. They are lovely, friendly male rabbits who always seem to get passed by. Born July 2012

thea and harry

Thea & Harry

Thea (R26/11) and Harry (R79/10) are a bonded pair of rabbits looking for a new home together.




Daphne R69/13 – Daphne is a beautiful dark Harlequin female. She has watched her two sisters and Mum find wonderful new homes and is now hoping to find somewhere for herself. Born August 2013. 



Dewey R66/13 is a friendly young rabbit who has watched his two brothers heading for new homes. He is now hoping it’s his turn to find a girlfriend and move on. Born August 2013.



Ray R91/13  is a lovely single male looking for lady friend to settle down with. A nice friendly rabbit. Born 2012.



Brenda R96/13 is a single girl looking for gentleman friend to settle down with. A beautiful and friendly girl. Born 2012

Tiger R101-13

Tiger – Reserved

Tiger R101/13 – Tiger is a sweet natured male rabbit who has been returned to the branch after losing his female partner. He is now looking for a new lady friend to continue his life with. Born 2011



Bryan R6/14 – Bryan is a really lovely, friendly boy who is easy to handle. He was found wandering and is now looking for a new home where he can have lots of fuss and love.


Ben – Reserved

Ben R5/14 – Ben is a lovely chap who was found wandering and is now ready to settle down into a nice new home.



Betsy R11/14 – Betsy is a confident and friendly girl who was handed into the branch with her Dad Benson. She has a stunning black coat with grey flecks. She is now looking for her forever home. Born June 2013.