Exotic Birds in need of Adoption

We receive many stray or unwanted birds, if you love birds and have room in your aviary, why not call Liz to see if there are any waifs or strays needing your help.

An assortment of Zebra Finches, Budgies & Cockatiels need to be homed into aviaries. Unfortunately we do not home aviary birds into cages.

From time to time we do need homes for cage bond & hand reared parrots & parakeets. If you are interested in finding out more, or if you have previous experience & would like to home a tame bird, please email us and we can put you on our waiting list.

Rehoming Parrots

Over the last couple of decades the popularity of keeping parrots has increased and with the advent of the internet it became a lot easier to obtain them……….and for breeders and traders to sell them. Now, with just the click of a button, anyone can buy one of these complicated and exotic birds. A lot of the time they are purchased on impulse without proper consideration being given to the care of these birds. They are expensive to care for properly. They can live a long time..average age for one of the most popular, the African Grey, can be anywhere between 30-60 years. They are intelligent and prone to both stress and boredom leading to changes in behaviour as they age. For these reasons they are often passed from home to home….quite a sad situation really. Obviously some do get rehomed when circumstances change for the owners…maybe relationship breakdowns etc and often because the owner has died leaving the bird looking for a new home.

We, as the RSPCA, are often asked to help in these situations and whilst we are sometimes able to, finding good homes for these birds is never easy. For this reason we are asking that if anyone is considering taking a Parrot into their care that they might talk to us first. We are hoping to find homes locally in the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire area, or , at least close to these areas to allow visits to be made. Before making this decision there are some points that should be given some thought to.

  • If a bird in your care should ever require vet treatment then it will be an Avian Specialist that you will need to see and this will not be cheap.
  • Research. It is essential that some research is done before making this sort of commitment specifically around diet as despite pet shops selling ” Parrot Food” this will not be all that is needed. There are also many household fumes ( and foods) that are extremely toxic to birds. There is plenty of information available across the internet.
  • They can be noisy and messy…….do you have the time. ?
  • They are sociable and will need time out of their cage to spend with their ” flock mates”………you.

 For more information email us at parrots@rspca-southbucks.org.uk

What To Do Next…

General information and guidelines regarding the rehoming of Parrots and Parakeets via the South Buck RSPCA:

  • In the main we only rehome within the Ox and Bucks area, but do ask.
  • A home check will be carried out on all potential adaptors.
  • We do not rehome any of our birds to breeders or traders.
  • We would expect regular updates on the birds’ progress and will visit periodically for at least the first year or so to ensure that both the bird and you are happy and settled.
  • Should the adoption prove to be unsuccessful in anyway we would expect the bird to be returned to us, as the birds’ best interests comes first.
  • Under no circumstances will we allow the bird to be sold or passed on.
  • A rehoming fee will be charged.

If you can provide a safe and happy home to any of our exotic birds; or if you are unable to cope with, or due to unforeseen circumstances need to re-home your pet bird; or if you have found an exotic bird please contact Liz (Bird Coordinator).

Telephone: 01844 291884 (between 9am-5pm and leave a message)
Email: liz_dee@tiscali.co.uk