Lost and Found

All Lost and Found animals are listed below, if you have lost an animal and would like to post on this page please contact us at: website@rspca-southbucks.org.uk – further advice and contact numbers are also listed here:

In the event of finding a stray or reporting a lost dog

In the event of finding a stray or reporting a lost dog:

  • Please contact SDK Environment and Pest Control: Office hours 03444 828300 / Out of hours 03444 828346
  • The councils and police are no longer involved
  • If the dog is hurt contact RSPCA Helpline on 0300 1234 999 (If the lines are busy you will hear music while waiting to be connected but if the department are very busy you will be redirected and asked for contact number to ring back)
  • Register details on the following website www.doglost.co.uk

In the event of finding a stray or reporting a lost cat

Register details on the following websites:

  • Pets Reunited www.petsreunited.com
  • Pets Located www.petslocated.com
  • Animal Search UK www.animalsearchuk.co.uk
  • National Pet Register www.nationalpetregister.org
  • Cat Aware www.CatAware.co.uk
  • Keepsafe www.keepsafe.co.uk
  • PetLog www.petlog.org.uk
  • Contact your microchip company so they can flag your pet as missing
  • Contact your local vets and place a missing poster in their practice
  • Advise neighbours near and far,  post flyers through letterboxes and ask them to check their outbuildings, advise your postman, milkman, delivery drivers etc
  • Contact local animal rescue centres and charities, Blue Cross, Cats Protection, Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue etc
  • Put posters up and distribute leaflets in your local area – this really does help !
  • Place your cat’s litter tray outside the back door and hang out their bed and blankets and an article of your clothing also spread the contents of your hoover bag around your garden as they may pick up the scent from far away
  • Put posts on local social media sites, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Place an ad on local community forums such as Next-door www.nextdoor.co.uk
  • Contact the cleansing department of your local council