Button was found abandoned and huddled in the gutter in 2008, painfully thin, dehydrated and with very overgrown teeth. He has spent 6 years living very happily as a house rabbit with his foster carer and another rabbit called Florence.



Shadow came into the Branch with three other rabbits in 2012.  They had been living in terrible conditions, and had to be treated by the vet for parasite infections. Shadow failed to thrive and had problems with his breathing and remained underweight. His health has slowly begun to improve, but he still has relapses. However, he is living happily with two other rabbits.



Cloud came into the Branch with her sister, Misty, in 2010.  They were only young but clearly very unwell with digestive problems and parasite infections.  They both had veterinary treatment and their condition improved greatly.  Sadly Misty passed away, but Cloud continues to live happily with her foster carer.



Minnie was found wandering in 2009 and was re-homed. However, in 2013 she came back to the Branch as her companion rabbit had passed away, and she had developed teeth and eye problems. She is the sweetest little Netherland Dwarf, and although her eye problems have been resolved she still has to have dental work from time to time.  She now lives very contentedly with another rabbit, Paul.



Paul came into the Branch in 2011 as a baby.  He came in with his siblings, and they all had health problems and had been living in terrible conditions. They were all vet treated and Paul’s siblings were re-homed.  Unfortunately, Paul has blocked tear ducts which will never improve, he has to have his eyes bathed every day.  He is the most delightful, friendly rabbit who is enjoying a happy life with his friend, Minnie.