Project Description

Tracey has been in the care of South Bucks for the past 4 months. When she first came into our care she was in an awful condition. It was obvious that she had not long had a litter of puppies, her skin was very red and painful, she was in desperate need of being wormed, thin and very dirty.

She went into foster care and enjoyed her bath, once her medication had started to work and she was given good food she started to feel much better and her personality came out. She is a clean house proud girlie who loves to travel in a car. She loves her daily walks and she walks very well on her lead, due to her strong hunting instinct she will not be able to run free as she has no interest in recall.

She may be able to live with a larger dog, depending on how the first meeting went. She is a very loving girl with people & children. NO small animals or cats.

Tracey’s ideal life would have a purpose as she is a very alert, energetic young adult lady. If you feel that you have that special home to offer Tracey and would like to have a chat, please call us on 0845 370 7526