Charlie, a Jack Russell cross, was picked up as a stray in Aylesbury 5 years ago and was taken to the local kennels by the dog warden. He was in a very bad state, with no hair on his back and open sores on his back, face and feet. After 7 days nobody had claimed him, and things weren’t looking good for Charlie. The RSPCA stepped in and offered him a foster home, where he received anti-biotic and steroid treatment, and special baths to treat his skin.

It would have been difficult for Charlie to find a forever home, he is frightened of men and his skin still requires careful care, and treatment if it flares up. He also has a special diet to maintain his health. But he is very happy and settled in his foster home, where he has lived for the last 5 years.



Belle, a 12-year old Lurcher with a lovely nature, came in via the Dog Warden. Her owners were unable to keep her, and she was very thin, dirty and had an acute bladder infection. She responded well to anti-biotics, but her bladder has been left weak so she has to be on medication to control the problem. She has put on weight, and is now a very happy, lively and fit dog living with other dogs and cats in her foster family. Belle is very keen on tennis balls, and will happily play catch for hours!