Happy Tails

Every year the RSPCA rehomes around 70,000 animals – these animals arrive at the RSPCA out of various circumstances – they may be unwanted pets that have been callously dumped or victims of cruelty by their owners.

Anyone who has rehomed their pet from an RSPCA animal centre or branch can tell you what a rewarding experience it is to offer these animals a new lease of life.

These are just some of the Happy Tails of pets that have been helped by the South Bucks RSPCA Branch.

Jet and his sister were both abandoned by their owner in the middle of January 2012.
His sister was heavily pregnant at the time. Jet as well as his sister and all her kittens have since been adopted.
Here is Jet now (a year later). He loves being out in the garden all day to enjoy the sunshine. He can also escape Twiggy’s swinging paws! (Twiggy is his new ‘friend’ with whom he lives now).
Hallo every one again peoples!
It’s Jasper here again – with another update on life with these humans. Well, it’s been another fun year here – I thought I’d give my owners (owners? who are they kidding??) an early Christmas present – it was such fun to see them jumping around with excitement. THEN we got taken to the vet – I hate that bloke. I left him a little message to say so, but it seems we have to go back again. Got to sort this one – anyone any ideas? I thought humans liked fleas?
Did you know they’ve put a warning sign on the back gate – it says “Beware of the Cat”, I’m looking for one that says “Beware of the humans”. The annoying yappy dog next door seems to have quietened down now, I just sit on the fence and make faces at him, then when he rushes to get me I jump back into my garden. Have you ever heard a dogs nose crash against the fence? It’s a nice squelchy sort of noise – deeply satisfying.
Well – they had another Christmas tree here again, this time I learned how to get the shiny ball things off and I enjoyed playing football with them, it got on their nerves I can tell you. Still, I got some nice cat treats from Santa again.
The other cat here sometimes sits in a little cardboard box now so I can’t get her, so I have to hide on the top of the piano and jump on her when she comes through the cat-flap. We have a little rumble, David shouts at us, Akiko shouts at David for shouting at us…….never a dull moment.
I had my claws trimmed last night. I made such a fuss, but they still managed it. Oh well, better luck next time. I’ve attached some more photos, I hope you like them!
I hope you all had a Happy New Year – I got to go now, it’s time for elevenses (they don’t know it yet) and I need to look pathetically undernourished – it takes a while to get into character!
Bye bye for now – Love & kisses from Jasper
PS – what’s all this white stuff on the ground? It wasn’t half cold when I went outside this morning, didn’t stay out longer than necessary I can tell you! Hee hee!
Hi, It is two years tomorrow since I brought ‘Alfie’ home from you and thought I would let you know how he has been getting on. I am sure you have had many cats in your care since Alfie was with you but I hope you remember him, he was an older cat who had a broken jaw which was wired up. His claim to fame was making the RSPCA Facebook entry! I have attached some photos, two taken in February in the snow and one taken today of him where he drinks out of the bird bath on the patio just beyond my lounge windows – why is outside water always better than the bowl provided even if it out of the same tap!As you can see he is absolutely gorgeous and remains a wonderful companion. He has been 100% healthy despite his age and has finally become a regular ‘lap cat’ which is all I ever asked for! Believe it or not, on occasions he still uses the same paper box lid he was sitting in when I came to collect him from you. There are times when he has not used it for a while and I think of disposing of it and then he curls up in it again! I hope all is well with you and please feel free to pass on this message to Joan whose e-mail address I do not have. With very best wishes from, Bernadette