Lost and Found

All Lost and Found animals are listed below, if you have lost an animal and would like to post on this page please contact us at: cats@rspca-southbucks.org.uk – further advice and contact numbers are also listed here:

Lost, found and stray dogs:

If you’ve lost your dog, or found a lost dog, follow our advice to help reunite pets with their owners.

Top tips to help find your lost dog:

  • Your dog’s microchip – phone the database they’re registered with and report them as missing.
  • Contact your local dog warden.
  • Notify your local vets, animal hospitals and rehoming centres.
  • Register your dog on missing pet websites. We refer the public to Pets Located, exclusively used by our inspectors, but you can find other similar websites through search engines.

Stray dogs and found dogs

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough resources to pick up healthy strays. However, if you’ve found a sick or injured stray, please report them to us.

Your local authority must provide a dog warden service. Find more information on your local council’s website.

If you’ve found a healthy looking dog:

  • Report the stray dog to the council.
  • Ring local vets and rescue centres.
  • If it’s safe, check whether the dog is wearing a tag, call the number and leave a message.
  • Ask local vets to scan them for a microchip.
  • Create a found poster and place around the local area
  • Check listings and add details on missing pet websites. We refer the public to Pets Located, exclusively used by our inspectors, but you can find other similar websites through search engines.

If you decide to take the dog home while you wait for the warden to arrive, please be aware that lost dogs may be scared and distressed – read our dog care advice and our behaviour guide to help keep the dog and your family happy and safe.

Don’t forget that a lost dog could be scared. If you’re unsure about their behaviour, please don’t approach and wait for the dog warden to arrive.

By law, you can’t keep a stray dog. If you want to rehome the dog, leave your details with the warden. Why not read our pet care advice if you’re considering pet adoption.

Keeping your dog safe

By law, your dog should be microchipped, wear a collar and tag with your name and contact details. This will help you find your dog if they go missing.

In the event of finding a stray cat:

Should the cat be sick, injured or distressed, please contact the RSPCA Helpline on 0300 1234 999

If a stray cat is not feral, the best thing to do is to try to find it’s owner.

Cats roam over a wide area, so ask around to see if anyone knows who it belongs to. If you can safely transport the cat to a vet, you could have it scanned for a microchip. This is a free service. If this isn’t possible and you can get close enough to the cat to put a collar on it, then download our paper collars.

Take care when approaching the cat and fixing the collar as it may be frightened.

You can also download and print a FOUND poster and Lost and Found Contact List.

We also recommend you visit Pets Located, an online resource that reunites owners with their pets.

You could share details on local social media sites but ensure you have proof of ownership before you reunite the pet.

If your cat is missing:

There is a Lost & Found Register kept for Cats, please call RSPCA South Bucks on 01628 621425 and contact Cats Protection via their website www.buckscats.org.uk If you have lost or found a pet in the South Bucks area, you can list it on this website by emailing us: cat-lostandfound@rspca-southbucks.org.uk

You can list your lost Pet at AnimalSearchUK.co.uk or call them on 01432 266 900

We also recommend registering details on the following websites:

  • Pets Reunited www.petsreunited.com
  • Pets Located www.petslocated.com
  • Animal Search UK www.animalsearchuk.co.uk
  • National Pet Register www.nationalpetregister.org
  • Cat Aware www.CatAware.co.uk
  • Keepsafe www.keepsafe.co.uk
  • PetLog www.petlog.org.uk
  • Contact your microchip company so they can flag your pet as missing
  • Contact your local vets and place a missing poster in their practice
  • Advise neighbours near and far,  post flyers through letterboxes and ask them to check their outbuildings, advise your postman, milkman, delivery drivers etc
  • Contact local animal rescue centres and charities, Blue Cross, Cats Protection, Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue etc
  • Put posters up and distribute leaflets in your local area – this really does help !
  • Place your cat’s litter tray outside the back door and hang out their bed and blankets and an article of unwashed clothing also spread the contents of your hoover bag around your garden as they may pick up the scent from far away
  • Put posts on local social media sites, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Place an ad on local community forums such as Next-door www.nextdoor.co.uk
  • Contact the cleansing department of your local council as your pet could have been involved in a RTA

Missing Cats



Caezer is just over 2 1/2 years old and has been missing since 26/08/19 from Arnison Avenue - High Wycombe area, where he recently moved too. He is microchipped and has been neutered. Please keep an eye out for any tabby cats with white chins (no tag as he refuses to leave it on) in your gardens, please check your sheds or garages as he may be a little nervous due to unfamiliarity. We’re hoping he’s either out exploring, or has strayed but someone somewhere is feeding him. If you have seen or found Caezer please contact Sehair on 07480244547. Thank You!



A brown and black tabby has been missing from High Wycombe since mid-August. She is very friendly but her owners are unsure whether she would approach a stranger. She has gone missing from the Wyatt Close area of High Wycombe, near The Pastures. If you have any information please contact Laura on lauramatthews1993@hotmail.co.uk or phone number 07758826056 - thank you!



2 year old short-haired domestic neutered male microchipped cat, does not wear a collar. He has tabby (black & grey stripes) & white fur. Significant markings are tabby fur and black skin around his right eye, white fur and pink skin around his left eye. Yellow eyes. White fur around neck, on legs, chest and belly. He was last seen at home (Hawkslade estate, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 9JF) on Sunday 26th May 2019 at around 9p Please contact Debbie on 07715551748 with any news or sightings We miss him terribly.



7 year old male Tabby Cat missing from Aylesbury HP17 since 31/5/2019 14:30. Microchipped and neutered. Mackerel Tabby markings of dark strip along back with traditional beige and brown stripes. White neck, chest, tummy and toes. Very friendly - long slender build. Not wearing a collar. Not a roamer - stays close to home. Could be shut in shed/garage/outbuildings/building site or chased beyond home location and lost - possibly out as far as Kimble, Wendover, Stoke Mandeville and Chequers. Reward for safe return. Contact 07717 192495. Please check sheds and outbuildings - thank you.



This is Easter, she is a Main Coon pedigree Tortoiseshell. She is mainly dark brown and cream, with some ginger and grey and large ginger lines around her eyes. She was born in October 2018, and is microchipped. If you have seen Easter, or think you can help to find her, please call South Bucks RSPCA on 01628 621425 with any information. Thank you 🐾



BURNHAM, BUCKS Scrumpy is a 3 year old female tabby cat who has been missing from her home since 8th April. She is microchipped and spayed and it is very out of character for her to remain away from home for so long. Please check your sheds, garages and outbuildings as she may have become trapped. Her brother and human family are missing her desperately 💔😢 Please call 07787 527081 with any information. Thank you 🐾



Hebert Rd, Micklefield in High Wycombe HP13 Tiger has unfortunately not returned home, he went out late on the 12th March and hasn't returned. He is a large grey and white tabby male with only a couple of teeth left. He is missed terribly. Please check your sheds and garages and CARE & SHARE to help reunite this lovely boy with his family 🙏 Call RSPCA South Bucks on 0207 183 5055 if you have any information. Thank you



6.2.19 Harry is still missing Wooburn Green Lane, Beaconsfield   A much loved family cat named Harry is missing. He is only a year old and has beautiful grey and white markings (white socks on his front paws and white back legs), amber coloured eyes, a very long tail and big old ears! He is very affectionate and we are really hoping he's got himself stuck somewhere being a bit too inquisitive, or trying to get out of the cold. Last seen on December 13th at Glory Hill Farm, Wooburn Green Lane, Beaconsfield. He is neutered and microchipped, but doesn't wear a collar. Please contact 07961 070413 if you have any information. Thank you



Lane End, High Wycombe HP14 Harry is a large black cat, very affectionate and friendly and happy to approach people for strokes but doesn't like to be picked up. He is microchipped and is 6 years old. Likely to have lost his collar and has no distinguishing marks Last seen October 25th 2018 Please contact South Bucks RSPCA on 01628 621425 with any sightings or information



Loudwater, High Wycombe Our cat's name is Buzz and he’s 2 .5 years old. He went missing from Norwood Road, Loudwater, High Wycombe  and was last seen 4/11/18 at 11:30pm. Missed Monday morning.....  He is neutered and microchipped. Mainly white with a grey tail part of his head and a few splodges of solid grey along his back. Any help would be very welcome, we are really missing him. Please call 07753 363704 with any information



Bierton, Aylesbury We are missing our beautiful cat Bella !! Last seen Aylesbury Road, Bierton Aylesbury on 7th November 2018. She was born in our home and we have her mother who is missing her terribly as are we !! Please check sheds and out buildings around Bierton!! If you have taken Bella in please return her as we are so worried about her - please call 07766 306778 with any information



MARLOW BOTTOM Our lovely ginger & white cat has been missing for over a month now, last seen on 1st August. Taz is 3 and a half years old and is ginger with white paws, bib and tummy and he lives at the Ragman's Lane end/Andrews Way area of Marlow Bottom. He did have a turquoise Velcro collar with tag (but may have lost it) and he is chipped. We and his cat brother really miss him. Any news appreciated. Thank-you Hazel 07939 590618 / Barry 07939 593024



Station Road, Princes Risborough My son's cat Bugsy went missing between Thursday night (19 July) and Friday morning (20 July). Bugsy is a scaredy cat and doesn't wanter far from home.  He is always hungry and never misses a meal. He is about five years old and is smooth-haired dark grey with a white chest and boots. Please contact me on 07488 266987 if you have any information    



Corner of Dean Street & Spittal Street, Marlow, Buckinghamshire. SL7 3AB Our cat went missing on the 6th of June 2018.   We last saw her on the 7th June at a building site next door however the night guard couldnt catch her and he wouldn't allow us onto the site. She's tortoiseshell in coloring the main color is white though. She's approx. 1 1/2 years old,  in good health and is spayed and microchipped. We miss her terribly. There is a £300 reward offered. Please call 07586 791807 with any information.



Chalk Pit Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire Holly has been missing since 30th June from Chalk Pit Lane in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. He is new to the area so may have become displaced and is just loitering around somewhere until he can find his way back home. He is microchipped and neutered and very easily identifiable by a small white dot on the end of his tail. He may be trapped in a garage or shed as he does like to explore them. Please contact 07833 453260 if you see/find him.



Archie is a tabby neutered male Domestic short-haired cat who went missing on 14 June 2018 at around 11.00 hrs. He is microchipped. Last seen: Pets at Home, Vale Retail Park, Vale Park Drive, Aylesbury. Please check garages and sheds. If you have any information please call: 07481 344068, Reward Offered.



We moved from The Paddock, Chalfont St Peter SL9 0JJ  to Garners End, Chalfont St Peter, SL9 0HE on Saturday 19th May 2018 0.4miles from our previous property and Bam Bam our cat has been missing since Sunday 10th June much to our despair. Male 6.5 year old tabby. He is wearing a black collar with my contact details engraved on it and a bell. Bam Bam hasn’t moved far but he does not know the area well. He is neutered and microchipped. He is a friendly cat, but is probably very scared and disorientated. We miss him very much. My contact details are 07815869535.



Wayside, Fleet Marston, Aylesbury HP18 Whistle has been missing since Monday 11th June 2018 Whistle is a Bengal cat, he is two years old. Whistle is leopard print colouring and is both neutered and microchipped.  He has stripy legs and spots on his tummy. Whistle never stays out overnight. He is a very loved family pet whom is deeply missed. We are so worried about him. If you have seen Whistle please contact us on rjband@mail.com Or 07803842173.



My cat went missing from Bittern Way, Watermead, Aylesbury on Thursday 31st May 2018 He’s a black British shorthair with faint grey stripes and bright orange eyes. He is microchipped and was wearing a blue collar. He never normally ventures out for long and only ever goes as far as out neighbours' gardens so we’re really worried. If you have any information please contact on 07502333651 or Francine_pym@hotmail.co.uk.



11.1.19 Caeser is still missing The Spinney, Chesham HP5 Caeser has been missing from his home since 12/11/17  He was wearing a red collar with owner's phone number but he may have removed this. Caeser doesn't know the area well and may be hiding in a garage or bushes. He is neutered and microchipped. We miss him very much and would be grateful for any information on his whereabouts. A reward is offered for his safe return. Please call 07540874351



Luna went missing on Tuesday 7th March 2017 in the Medmenham area, Marlow. She was grabbed by a farmer but managed to get away again from the Westfield layby. The area is mainly fields along the River Thames. She is a black and white female husky cross with brown eyes. She is microchipped. Please report any sightings of her or if you find her call us on 07799 620615. Please help us find her. A reward will be given for her safe return.



Cosmo is friendly and approachable most of the time,  he would probably be a bit shy towards strangers. He is a big black cat with a bushy tail and green eyes. He is microchipped and was last seen at 5:00 pm on the 5th of November 2016 from Rosemary Close High Wycombe. If you have any information please contact Lisa on: 01494 444 769 or 07762 057949 or email: lisafallow@hotmail.co.uk