How often will I hear from my sponsored animals?

  • Twice a year – at Christmas and in the summer.

Can I sponsor animals as a gift for someone else?

  • Yes, when you complete your online donation form please tick the “leave a message” box and in it type the type of the animal you wish to sponsor, plus the contact details of the gift recipient, so that we can send the sponsorship pack and regular updates to them.

How is my sponsorship money used?

  • Your money is used in the long-term care of all of the dogs, cats or small furry animals in our care. Costs cover medical bills, food, training and supplies.

How much does it cost to sponsor?

  • To sponsor local RSPCA dogs is £5 a month, cats is £4 a month and small furry animals is £3 a month.

Will I be my animal’s only sponsor?

  • There will be a number of people sponsoring each type of animal.

Is there a minimum sponsorship period?

  • While we hope you will continue to sponsor our long-term foster care animals for many years to come, we hope you will sponsor for at least 12 months. However, you can cancel at any time, just email Helen Beech on Sponsorship@rspca-southbucks.org.uk