Project Description

Amira (white and grey harlequin mix) and Benji (all grey) are friendly and gentle rabbits that like to have a stroke and a cuddle.  They are six months old and are a brother and sister bonded pair that need a home together.  They are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped and are super fun to watch and interact with.  Benji is always looking for snuggle time with Amira but also likes to have fun running and jumping on anything he can.  Amira is always interested in exploring and having some fun running in and out of her tunnels so is hoping for a home that will give her and Benji lots to do. They currently live outdoors but still like the comforts of protection from the wind and rain as they spent much of their early life in a large shed.   They are affectionate rabbits and welcome their carer spending time with them and also need lots of space to explore and play.  Their run should be predator proof and at least 3m x 2m x 1 m high.  They would be happy to live in a shed with an attached run but if you are using a hutch it should be at least 180cm x 60cm x 60cm high and allow them constant access to their run.   We are happy to give advice on setting up a great living environment for rabbits if you are interested in giving this lovely pair a caring home for life.