Project Description

Ash, Angel and their brothers and sisters were an unexpected arrival soon after
their young mum came into RSPCA care. Ash is a gentle character who
likes to be in the company of other rabbits. He is being bonded with his
favourite playmate sister Angel, (now neutered) and looking forward to a
new home with her as soon as possible. Ash can be shy at first but once
he knows you he will come over and see you if you have any tasty treats
for him. Angel is a sweet and gentle girl
who likes to snuggle with other rabbits. She is being bonded with her favourite playmate brother Ash, (now neutered) and looking forward to a new home with him as soon as possible. Angel can be nervous at first but once her siblings show her the way she is ready to join in with all the tasty snacks.


Like most rabbits Ash and Angel prefer to keep all four feet on the ground, but he is happy to check you out all over if you come into his run.
Ash and Angel need a hutch that is at least six feet x two feet x two feet which is attached to a large safe run where they can play all day.

All South Bucks RSPCA rabbits are fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.