Project Description

A chocolate dark and light brown coloured Burmese pedigree cat with stunning blue eyes. Chester is male and estimated to be around 3/4 years old. He was very skinny and his fur in pour condition when he first arrived but is starting to improve. Chester is a little timid when meeting strangers but once he gets to know you he loves to have his tummy tickled. Chester still needs his second hence why he needs to be rehomed in our South Bucks area. He prefers to have some company during the day and would also need supervision when he goes outside because being a pedigree there is a high risk of being stolen.  An ideal solution would be if he had a fully walled garden, a special cat enclosure or a fence which is cat proofed so that he can’t jump over. Otherwise he would have to be mainly an indoor cat. He is looking for a quiet home without children and would prefer to be an only pet.