Project Description

Harley is an extremely handsome silky coated black rabbit who loves to be active.  He likes to be outdoors where he can keep a watch on everything going on in the garden and keeps himself busy by moving all the hay in his hutch downstairs.  He is very keen on his food and gets very excited at mealtimes.  He likes a lot of attention and rushes over to greet you at all times of the day in the hope of a tasty snack or a nose rub.  Harley likes to be stroked and doesn’t mind being picked up but is often so excited that he doesn’t stop wriggling.  He would like to live with a friend so if you have a neutered female rabbit that you think would be a good match for Harley South Bucks RSPCA can carry out the bonding for you as part of his adoption.  Harley and his new mate will need lots of space and as much enrichment as possible. For example their hutch will need to be at least six feet x two feet x two feet and they will need constant access to a large safe run of sixty square feet.