Project Description

Hello!  My name is Lola and I am a little sad as nobody has offered me a home yet or has come to view me. I have been with the RSPCA South Bucks for some time now and although I like it here I know it is not meant to be my forever home. I wonder if it is perhaps my age, my markings or the fact that I am shy?  I thought if I tell you a little about myself that perhaps somebody might like to meet me? So here it goes: I am really not that old…3-4 years is quite young and although my black & white markings are not very symmetrical they are definitely unique and you won’t ever need to worry about getting me mixed up with another black & white cat ;-)). Ok I am a bit shy as I had issues trusting people in the past but once I do trust you I am not that bad. I would love a nice peaceful home and think I would make a brilliant companion to somebody who is a bit lonely like I was. My most favorite past time is to sit on a nice comfy lap. Please will you give me a chance?  Love Lola