Project Description

Rory and Maisie are two beautiful dappled fawn Dwarf lop rabbits.  They are one year old, vaccinated and microchipped, and have had to spend some time apart as they had a litter of six lovely babies.  Now that the babies are old enough and both Rory and Maisie have been neutered, they can’t wait to be back together and find a new home of their own.  The are both gentle and friendly rabbits and like to be stroked.  Rory is a very active rabbit and loves to run and binky whilst Maisie is calm and relaxed, after having spent the last few months raising babies.

They need plenty of space to enjoy.  Their hutch should be at least 6ft x 2ft x 2ft high which is permanently attached to a secure run of 2m x 3m and 1m high.  We can advise about equipment needed if you are interested in giving these rabbits a home.

Please fill in an application form to register your interest.