Project Description

Milo and his brothers and sisters were an unexpected litter soon after
their young mum came into RSPCA care. Milo is a real character and is
delightful to watch as he explores and plays. At present he is living with a
brother but is now ready to bond with a lifelong young female partner.

He is confident enough to meet a new young female if she is kind and
interesting and also keen to play and explore.

Milo is a sweet, active and adventurous young rabbit. He likes to come
over and see you if you come into his run but like most rabbits he prefers
to keep all four feet on the ground, unless he is doing his binky stunts of
course. RSPCA South Bucks are ready to carry out the bonding process
for you if you have just the right home and a suitable female friend for
him. Milo and his partner will need a hutch that is six feet x two feet x
two feet which is attached to a large safe run with lots of things to keep
him and his partner busy.

All South Bucks RSPCA rabbits are fully vaccinated, neutered and