Project Description

Milo and Beryl are a bonded pair of rabbits looking for their forever home together. Milo is a gentle but shy, beautiful grey rabbit with light under colouring.  He takes time to trust people that he doesn’t yet know, and looks to Beryl for reassurance.  Once you have gained his trust however, he is happy to come and see what treats you might have for him.   Beryl is a beautifully marked black and white Dutch rabbit who is very relaxed and enjoys a stroke as well as plenty of good food and hay to munch on all day.  Milo is 1year old, and Beryl is about 18 months old, having come into RSPCA after being abandoned.  Both are vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered and are very fond of each other.  They like to explore everything and are a delight to watch as they busy themselves playing in and out of tunnels and especially on and into boxes or other hidey holes.  We rehome to RSPCA guidelines and these rabbits need a hutch of 6ft x 2ft x 2ft height which is permanently attached to a secure run of 2m x 3m and at least 1m high.