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Layla has been missing from Walton court area, Aylesbury since Thursday May.
She is a tortoiseshell and has white patches on her nose, chest and paws. She also has a black patch in her right eye. She is quite shy and anxious.

If you have any information as to Layla’s whereabouts please call us on 07748307869 thank you.



Harley is an extremely handsome silky coated black rabbit who loves to be active.  He likes to be outdoors where he can keep a watch on everything going on in the garden and keeps himself busy by moving all the hay in his hutch downstairs.  He is very keen on his food and gets very excited at mealtimes.  He likes a lot of attention and rushes over to greet you at all times of the day in the hope of a tasty snack or a nose rub.  Harley likes to be stroked and doesn’t mind being picked up but is often so excited that he doesn’t stop wriggling.  He would like to live with a friend so if you have a neutered female rabbit that you think would be a good match for Harley South Bucks RSPCA can carry out the bonding for you as part of his adoption.  Harley and his new mate will need lots of space and as much enrichment as possible. For example their hutch will need to be at least six feet x two feet x two feet and they will need constant access to a large safe run of sixty square feet.



Jay and Bean are lovely friendly brothers who are nine months old.  Jay is white with dark eyes and Bean is grey and white with harlequin type colouring.   Both are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and as they have a close bond, we would like to rehome them together.  They are small, gentle rabbits who like human company and like all young buns they really enjoy running and jumping and of course their favourite thing is exploring.  They would appreciate a home that can offer enrichment such as tunnels and hides so not only will they have room to run but nice places to snuggle up together in too. They will need spacious accommodation with a minimum of six feet x two feet x two feet for a hutch that is permanently attached to a large safe run.  They are used to living in a roomy shed with an attached run so when it comes to space, the bigger the better.  Of course, that means there is plenty of room for their human carers to come and spend time with them which they enjoy especially if you can give nice nose strokes or have an occasional treat for them.



Another rabbit has been found. A giant grey rabbit has been found near Garratts Way High Wycombe early on the morning of Monday 7th February. If anyone has lost a rabbit please can they ring or text Jane on 07748 307869.



A black rabbit has been found outside on Booker Lane, if this could be your pet please call or text Jane on 07748307869, thank you



Sparkle (light tan female) and Elliot (grey lop male) are six month old sister and brother pair.  They are fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and live outdoors,  enjoying time together exploring and playing.  Elliot and Sparkle are gentle rabbits.  Elliot is very inquisitive and Sparkle is a shy rabbit but has learnt to come over and see if her fosterer has any tasty treats.   Like most rabbits Sparkle and Elliot are not keen on being picked up but these young rabbits are great fun to watch especially if you give them new things like boxes to play with.  Sparkle especially likes to run through a tunnel.     They are suitable for families with older children and need a hutch that is at least six feet x two feet x two feet which is attached to a large safe run where they can play all day.





Lazio and Rimini are a bonded pair looking for their forever home.  Lazio is a neutered boar (white) who is two years old and he lives with a younger female (tri coloured).  Rimini, who is only six months old, is a lovely chatty girl but, like most prey animals, does not enjoy being picked up.   Lazio is calm and is happy to have cuddles.  He is also food motivated so we expect that it will not take him long to settle into a new home.  His partner Rimini will need patience to build her confidence but as a pair they are delightful to watch.  They currently live outdoors and like to spend much of their time out on the grass.





A 13 year old cat called Princess, as pictured below, has been missing from the Rutland Ave/Hodges Mews HP12 area since Monday 13th Dec ’21.

She’s neutered but sadly not microchipped, we are told it’s out of character for her not to come home, and that her family miss her very much 🙏🏽

If you have any information about Princess’ whereabouts please contact Britta on 07464 712260



Bonnie escaped on Monday, 6th September 2021 from Buckingham Way in Flackwell Heath, HP10. She is a 3 year old female tabby cat who is spayed & microchipped. Unfortunately Bonnie is not familiar with the area but she is very friendly. She is much missed by her family. For any info that leads to Bonnie’s return there will be a reward!
She loves long grass, dense shrubs and trees and might also be in one of the roads nearby Buckingham Way. Please check under bushes, hedges, sheds, garages, outhouses etc.
Please help us to get her home!

If you see Bonnie please call RSPCA South Bucks on 07464 7122605,  thank you.



Betty May is a silver, fawn and lilac cat with shorter legs, she is currently missing. If you have any information about Betty’s whereabouts please call us on 07464 7122605,  thank you.

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