Project Description

Sparkle (light tan female) and Elliot (grey lop male) are six month old sister and brother pair.  They are fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and live outdoors,  enjoying time together exploring and playing.  Elliot and Sparkle are gentle rabbits.  Elliot is very inquisitive and Sparkle is a shy rabbit but has learnt to come over and see if her fosterer has any tasty treats.   Like most rabbits Sparkle and Elliot are not keen on being picked up but these young rabbits are great fun to watch especially if you give them new things like boxes to play with.  Sparkle especially likes to run through a tunnel.     They are suitable for families with older children and need a hutch that is at least six feet x two feet x two feet which is attached to a large safe run where they can play all day.